day 59

Waiting for Spring.,
Will it EVER get here???

day 58

If this isn't the face of a trouble-maker,
than I don't know what is...

day 57

An afternoon bath for no reason other than to keep him contained for a few minutes.
It will be a miracle if this mama makes it through his terrible two's!!

day 56

Getting some dancin' in before school!

day 55

Payton and Mommy before church.

day 54

Two goof-balls painting the bathroom in the basement.
(I cannot WAIT to get this bathroom finished!!)

day 53

Mommy and Gabby date night tonight.
Sometimes we need a little one on one time.
We went to Moxie's for dinner (Gabby's choice)
and then to Toys R Us where she picked out a new game for the Wii.
(Fun for the whole family, not just for her!)
Oh, and then we sang One Direction's
"That's What Makes You Beautiful"
all the way home.

day 52

KK and I were snuggling this afternoon and I was staring at her amazing eyelashes.
How is it fair for a 3 year old to have eyelashes like this?
Gorgeous, I tell ya.

day 51

Crewie's first-ever timeout.
And oh, my goodness was it funny.
He's started throwing food all over the kitchen when he eats
so I made him go on the stairs for a timeout at lunchtime today.
Can you tell how impressed he was by this new punishment?
He didn't last for too long because I was laughing at his cuteness
and ended up kissing and squeezing him instead.
We'll try harder next time.

day 50

Well, what do you expect him to be playing with in a house full of sisters?

day 49

Reading before school.
This girl LOVES to read,
she always has her nose in a book!

day 48

Our 3 girlies.

day 47

A little snack-time and TV-time before bed-time.

day 46

My little dude waking up from his nap.
I truly will be so sad when the days of having a babe in the crib are over.
All of my babies have slept in this crib
and I'll be saving it for my grandkids to use one day.
Crew loves his bed, and lucky for me
he still can't get out of it...
I'm keeping him in this thing for as long as I can!

day 45

Happy Valentine's Day!
These two are digging into their goodie bags!